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Hospice Herosim lr

Hospice Taranaki celebrates its 25th birthday this year. My book on its development over more than 30 years is due out to coincide with the commemoration – and it’s not the smooth, quiet history you might expect: ¬†Hospice Heroes

Roebuck farm (5) LR

Taranaki’s Jodi Roebuck is a farmer with a difference. Read why he is in demand around the world for his revolutionary ideas about pasture management, market gardens – and to get a mob of sheep from A to B:¬† The Sheep Whisperer

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Jim Tucker Media

Jim TuckerThis is the JimTuckerMedia website.

On here you’ll find examples of my work as a journalist over the past few years, including newspaper columns, articles, books, photographs, book editing, videos, commentary, media communications, and reviews.

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